Light in the City - Event in Hasselt

Light in the City - Event in Hasselt

The Light in the City event will be an important opportunity for deliberations and debate related to sustainable urban lighting among all the actors involved in the sector. Taking part means growing together and improving the quality of life in the city for the benefit of its residents and visitors

"I’m proud to have designed the Lighting Master Plan for the city of Hasselt. This plan is a valuable instrument because it is an ambient lighting masterplan that reflects the wishes of the politicians who run the city, respects the needs of the population, the culture, the identity and the potentials of the place".

The guidelines of the masterplan have been used by the public administration and Infrax to realize a number of projects that address functional, cultural, social and technological aspects of urban lighting. A cultural evolution in the knowledge and use of lighting is a must today. Sustainable development of cities today requires the understanding of the energetic impact and the influences of the effects of lighting.

"This is the framework for my vision of lighting design on a human scale". The meeting of Friday 18th October will offer seeds for more general thoughts related to energy savings and smart cities.

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